Drone Fly-Over

May 5, 2016
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When we do the Drone fly over of the area, these are the businesses and historic locations that will be identified and described …

  • The historical plaque
  • The Church and history
  • The Cemetery and site of first church
  • The first schools, the Catholic and Public…and history
  • The Paul Belanger Park
  • Le parc centenaire de 1967
  • Chez Etienne…
  • The 2 pubs and history
  • The Post office locations
  • The convent and nuns
  • The new Path in the Park
  • The log house of Paul Haslip and history
  • The Bernadin Maure home on the 3d, first log home
  • The Gagner Dance Hall
  • King Grain and Pride
  • Thompson’s
  • The Amedee Emery home(new one) and Amedee and his mother
  • The Dieudonne Gagner home and history.
  • The site of the Denomme home
  • The Pain Court Banks through the years.
  • La Caisse Populaire, locations and history
  • The 2 General Stores and history.
  • L’Ecole secondaire de Pain Court. Ecole Ste Catherine and closure of rural schools
  • The Pain Court Feed Mill
  • TH Taylor
  • The new Bouma subdivision
  • La Croix de Cartier
  • The historic Bell in front of church
  • The Roszell Meat Shop and Cold Storage
  • TWO gas stations in village.
  • The Railroad near the Dover.
  • “les p’tits chars”
  • Ernie’s Welding (Ernest Bechard)
  • The first presbytery (St Pierre home)
  • Three generations of Painters (Thibodeau) and little retail outlet.
  • Les poiriers des Jésuites 2016 event
  • Maison de Napoléon Roy
  • Les betteraves à sucre (Bélanger) et le train de betteraves